Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another fish story

I have the world's worst fishing dog.  I've told her again and again to not snap at the hook because it's 'bo-bo'.  Now she takes it as her job to warn everybody about it.  So I take up my fishing bag and rod, and she barks all the way down.  At the dock, through the very clear water, I see  the Godzilla Fish that lives under the dock.  He's wandering around.  So I start untangling my fishing line, and cast.  "Bark, bark, look out it's sharp!"

I dangle the bait in front of the fish.  He just looks at it.  Then he actually tilts his body up and looks at me.  "You're kidding, right?  The dog told me all about it. "  His continued to diss my artificial worm, and I gave up, to look for other fish.

Our dock fish have been trained not to fall for the artificial crap.  The only way I could catch a dock fish is to shoot the dog, and sneak up with a very light line, with a real worm totally covering the hook.  I actually caught one like that.  Somebody kept the dog busy.

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