Friday, July 12, 2013

Cottage report

Went alone for 2 days with the dog.  Had to get away from the 'funemployed' kids.  Favourite words:  "Why don't you do it?"  Very nice weather, no big fish.  While fishing saw that we have 3-4 Peregrine falcons just out of the nest.  Diving and fighting, and screaming for Mommy.  Look nice in their Kiss makeup.  Here, I'll pretend I took a picture:

I'm really good, huh?  They kicked out the ravens, who are mad.  Anyway, no seagulls!  The wood ducks better look up, and the loons can take care of themselves.  Boy, are those falcons fast.

Saw 2 young bears on the cottage road.  That's why I go fairly slow.  I think Big Bro would be mad if I hit Little Sis!

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