Saturday, July 20, 2013

Anstruther Marina Disaster Relief Fund

On Friday, the marina boathouses were mushed to splinters.  There's really no fund, but generous rich people can contact the marina directly.  I'm sure you get a unique Anstruther Lake t-shirt for every thousand donated.  :)

Wow, that Friday was something on the lake.  First the SW winds were building to a very high level, and it was so hot!  I have my sun shelter on the dock, and it was flexing.  "It's gonna make it!"  I kept saying.  The winds kept increasing with gusts of 80 km/hr.  Finally, the steel collapsed, and I quickly took it down.  A little while later the windsurfer board picked up off the dock, and took out my little solar light.  I took everything off the dock.

That was only preliminary.  I had checked the radar, and there was this most brightly coloured band coming towards us.  I could then see it from the dock as solid black.  Sound the tornado sirens!  We sat on the porch in the breezeway and admired the view.  First, solid winds came, drove the waves up to 3 feet, and then sheared off all the whitecaps in this big rolling mist.  Luckily the wind had changed direction to more westerly, which we are sheltered from.  Then the big wind came and it was a giant vortex.  We ran inside, and yanked the crazy wife away from the windows.  It became all solid white.

La, la, we emerged all fine and dandy, but with no power.   I took in all the solar lights for the night, and we cooked on the bbq.  The next day we heard the power situation was generally hopeless, and the marina was trashed.  My daughter volunteered to clean up trees for the morning.  Saturday evening we decided to get out of Dodge.

The marina boathouses were trashed at the ends and most of the fabric roofs were shredded.  It was funny that our poor boathouse at the farthest distance was totally untouched.  We were always considered the slum section.  :)   Ha Ha!

The Hydro crew was there putting up new poles.  There was one section where a 100 foot tornado had cut through.  The trees were totally destroyed!  We didn't see much damage the rest of the way home.

Now we just have to see if they get the power up tomorrow like they said, so we can save the frozen meat.

Update:  No hope for any power there, so I had to zoom up today and rescue the food.

Update2:  Power restored.

Update3:  Power to the marina, but no power yet to our cottage.  Lots of hydro crews.  We were the worst hit in Ontario.

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