Wednesday, April 3, 2013

M3.1 earthquake at Arkansas lake

Wow, can the Fish predict them or what?  I just did a blog of the earthquakes around the lake, and this pops up.  As with Virginia, larger earthquakes should be farther away from the source, since they need more room (fault area).  This was what I was looking for, namely a sustaining mechanism.

With a lot of earthquakes, they spring the 'rat trap' of high stresses, and then become locked out.  In other  words, the stress release is in the form of an isolated 'bubble'.  No more action is expected.  However, where there is a steady supply of water, as in a river, lake or injection, every earthquake will provide a channel for flow.   The best mechanism was the original Arkansas injection sequence, and I expect big things from this one.  :)

Update:  Downgraded to an M2.8, but now we have three of them at this location.  The only other possibility is injection.

Update2:  Up to 4 earthquakes now.

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