Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fancy LED bulb burns out

There it is.  I'm not saying the name out loud, since they might have lawyers.  This burned out as quickly as a cheap bulb from Poland.  Boy, do they get hot!  No wonder they can't survive.  I bought this for my heavily used kitchen light, which is on automatic and can't take compact flour. bulbs.

Tomorrow, I have to go to Home Depot and do my dead parrot act.  Wonder if I'll be successful.

Update:  Big fail at Home Depot.  They will only handle failures at 3 months.  Now I will shout the name for the search engines "Philips LED Bulb Burns Out".  I'm off to the company if they have email.  Otherwise I might just buy another one and hope they have fixed the design flaw.

Update2:  They received the email.  This should rival my 3M strips campaign.  Will I do a video?

Update3:  I'm getting too toxic on this.  No, I will not make a singing video.  I will not look up all their email addresses as I did with Asus.  I am allowing myself to fail as happened with Saks.

Update4:  Day 2 of no response.  Have added g+ philips.

Final update

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