Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bell internet problem resolved

I've got the Bell Fibe 25 service, which has been fantastic.  You can get incremental total data upgrades at a reasonable rate, and they don't seem to be doing anything funny to bittorrent.  But a week ago I started to get drops, on a weekend afternoon.  At first I said, *&(^ Bell!, doing maintenance.  Then it went away and was good again for a week.  Then it happened on a weekday afternoon, and I know they would never do maintenance then.  So I called them, with great cringing.

It wasn't bad!  I got through all the "Are you a dummy?" questions quite quickly with good humour.  The guy was not mindless.  Then quickly to '2nd level support' which I love, but these guys are not 'people persons'.  He quickly did a test and found the line had code violations, and immediately sent out a tech for the next morning.  When I thought about it, the problems were happening on wet snow afternoons, so I was sure it was moisture.

All worked out, and they replaced the copper to fiber unit on the street box, which sometimes goes bad.  Yeah!

Update:  Ha ha!  It's worse than ever!  At least it is so bad, I'm sure they can find it this time.

Update2:  The router fills with 'PADI' errors every 2 seconds.  I've looked this up, and it's like a meteor hitting your house.  People get everything replaced 3 times, and nothing works.  Nobody has come back and said it was resolved. Blah!

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