Sunday, March 13, 2011

Low-lying Areas of Japan


Very interesting map.  I found this while I was looking for the strong ground motions.  The only thing interesting to me will be the PGV's under those nuclear plants.  Maybe they wouldn't be in trouble if the back-up generators had started up, but those things never work in an emergency, and I really can't see they could be knocked out forever by a little splash.

Here is the 30 foot (10 m) zone.  That's the height of the tsunami.  This is just a map product, and is not the actual overflow zone.

Note that this earthquake hit a 'relatively unpopulated' area, if that can be said of Japan.


Harbles said...

A little splash? See before and after shots here. Fukushima plant about half way down. All low lying structures are washed away.
Also the Shinmoe dake Volcano has started erupting.

Harold Asmis said...

The nuclear site looks like it drained. Most likely these generators were on filled swamp and knocked off by the earthquake.

Neat volcano! I can't even follow this whole story anymore, not and still make the soup for dinner!