Monday, August 7, 2017

The last joke of plate tectonics -- boring story

Okay kiddies, this is the last physics boring story to put you to sleep.  As we know, plate tectonics always wants to kill us.  It hasn't killed off life for 3 billion years, but it always tries.  It always rearranges the continents until it's successful.  The philosophers think a little breathing can kill off life, but that's nothing like pt.

The last time, pt clumped all the continents together and gave us the Mesozoic.   Although you want to ride the dinosaurs, you would have found the air a little thick.  Oxygen was a little higher and co2 was through the roof.  The air was thick with constant water vapour which is why everything didn't burn up with the increased O2.  Large mammals like us didn't exist.  You couldn't run away from the t-rex without dying of heat stroke.

Thank goodness tiny mammals made it through, mostly by hiding underground.  But then pt played its latest hand.  It separated all the continents.  We're part-way  through total separation since the Atlantic is smaller than the Pacific.  But in another 60 million years that should be even.  What then?  Well, we have fun with 'Snowball Earth', when pt tries to freeze us.

It's  already happening, but at a fraction of what could happen.  We're getting ice ages and nice weather in-between.  Imagine constant ice.  What's the reason?  Well, it's something that the global warmies couldn't even begin to imagine.  The oceans would now be at the perfect 'sweet spot' to instantly radiate any speck of heat we get from the sun or the deep earth.  Nothing left for us.  We'd all have to go to the equator where we might be able to take off our sweaters.  (kids are now asleep)

No more boring stories!

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