Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google is Doomed


There it is, women get paid less for the same qualifications (university degree) and job title (programmer).  On this basis there are probably a lot of men that get paid a lot less than the top at that same job title.

This is the end of the Silicon Valley Method.  That is paying some people an obscene amount of money if they are producing at more than 10 times the average.  Anyway, most people in Palo Alto know that the only way to get paid enough to live there is to have a start-up and become 'acqui-hired'. The job title and qualifications are the same but you get paid 10 times as much as the hired staff.

This can't go on.  Big companies need a thousand job titles.  My old company was totally commie in how it paid.  Everybody got the same.  There was no production.  It was the old thing:  "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."  Nobody was happy, but this is the way of lawyer-controlled life.

Tesla is going to find that out, as well.  No use snagging the top designer, top tunnel person, or whatever.  What are you going to call them?  Programmer, designer, geotechnical engineer.

Once all these lawsuits go through, the googs is finished.  :)

**really, the super-insane creative programmers are all men, live on jolt, and they die at 40.  Women are too smart for that.  They want a life.

***there is an engineering company that goes after the top women and lets them have a life.  They go on all sorts of trips and it's a nice environment.  Maybe not paid enough to live there, though, you need an insane husband.  :)

Ridiculous digression: The Devil goes to a bunch of kids.  Okay, I'll turn you into a super Silval programmer, you'll never have children, lose your soul, and die early.  Everybody who wants this, line up.  :)

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