Monday, August 7, 2017

Cottage Report

With the end of this miserable long weekend, we can officially call this a miserable summer.  For the 10 years that our monster El Nino was building up, we had wonderful summers.  Now it's back to the usual  -- meh.  Huntsville had it even more miserable, with all the sharknados.

The whole family left early.  I'm left with the dog to do miserable work.  The rain's coming in and I'll have a fire.  We've used the sauna a lot this summer, the first time for 10 years (in the summer).  The good news is that our cottage potato patch did well this summer, normally it gets dried out.

ps.  horrible weather means good fishing.  Here is my lake trout, delivered by uberfish.

very meaty and will be yummy.  I recommend Uberfish *** for all your needs.  :)

***doesn't actually exist

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