Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Soon, no facts will be checked


Everything I say is from my own experience.  I don't check my own facts.  I do throw in some news clippings but soon they won't be around.  It's an interesting world we are entering.  Even established news sources aren't really checking many facts.  They just like to go with official talking heads who are parroting whatever the organization tells them.

News media still exist because they have exclusive access to talking heads.  See if you or I could talk to one of these Big Bananas.  And who believes them?  I think that all news media will soon be like those 'press release' outfits, and the talking heads will pay them to release their garbage.  We could elect a lot of trumpies in that environment.  I'm sure twitty is getting paid by trumpy.  :)

Mr. Googs is going to have trouble in this situation.  He gets his money from stealing facts everywhere.  What if there are no more facts?  What if I'm reduced to merely ranting that everybody is lying?  Is that interesting?

All my earthquake data will have to come from universities who have to maintain some sort of credibility, even though their PR departments are big payers of PR places, and countless phoney 'science' sites repeat it.  Government and these guys are still good for earthquake locations, and totally wrong on magnitudes.

So, tomorrow all the newspapers, tv news, and original news sources go out of business.  What can Mr. G do?  Give up his business?  No, he should expand 'citizen news'.  Ammyzon gives me stuff to review things, G should give me stuff.  Wait!  Is this just another attempt to get stuff?  Maybe.

Future Flash

I am a retired guy.  G. gives me $2 to go get some news.  The Toronto mayor is so desperate to make news that he talks to me and I put it on heweytube.  On to the next two bucks!

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