Monday, November 7, 2016

Oklahoma has a fine election earthquake

No wonder I was having trouble sleeping.  Little did I know there was a big OK earthquake, m5, int 6.  This was a shallow oblique strike-slip, with a normal component.

Felt by thousands, this earthquake may 'rig' the election.  It is a reminder that trumpyism will get you bigger ones.  This probably didn't do anything to the oil tanks, we have to wait for a shallow thrust m6 for that, but that's just the next step.

This did set off a whole bunch of earthquakes throughout the mechanism, including poor old Kansas who think they can avoid trouble.  Not a chance.  This general instability indicates that we are lot closer to the m7 than we think.  :)

There are the two OK accelerometers at Cushing.  The probably only read 1 cm/s PGV.

ADD:  Lots of damage in Cushing.  Records aren't out yet, but now I'm guessing 5 cm/s.  The oil tanks will need 20.

Soft story damage.  Ok, maybe 10.  Check the tanks!

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