Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Linux - Going for Youtube Live - Gulf Stream is Dead

Google has killed Hangouts on Air, and we must go to Youtube Live.  There is no longer a Google Talk plugin that you can use and you have to go for a streaming program.  I chose OBS-Studio.  Lots of fun getting it to install, I wanted to use the latest, but no luck.

I finally used the Debian version, which is always older, but it works.  I'm using a Logitech webcam for the video and microphone, and that's a bitch.  You can make the choices inside obs.  Here is my final test.  The new version of obs has a better filter for the mike, here there is some noise.  Also, the lips are out of synch, but that's Linux for you.  I'm sure there's some horrible fix out there somewhere.

The whole point is to have a live broadcast when the M7 hits Oklahoma.  Then we might get some feedback live.

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