Monday, March 28, 2016

Oklahoma is now officially the most dangerous place in the world for earthquakes


Yes, that's right.  As Susan Hough says: "Holy Crap!"

Who knows what the units really mean?  They have totally mucked seismic hazard and risk.  Anyway, this place is due for New Madrid II, within a couple of years.  They live in the dream that they have calmed things down by cutting down the injection, but that was cut down ever since cheap oil.  I can make up plans for a tornado and earthquake proof house, anybody?

ps.  Weird.  For me, the seismic hazard is expressed as chance of certain level of PGV.  It has nothing to do with buildings or damage.  Seismic risk is when you calculate a seismic capacity in PGV, and then do the chance of exceeding it.  If everybody builds concrete domes, then seismic capacity is high and no risk.  If the buildings are concrete with empty cans, then the risk is high.

pps.  Nobody is explaining that map.  Here's a monster article.

add:  M4.2, a new round begins.

add again.  Now the busgus is watering down the panic.  They say OK is only 5 cm/s (cracking damage), and Callie it 30 cm/s (structural damage) for the same colour.  That's a crap-out.

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