Friday, February 22, 2013

Hong Kong Earthquake - M4.5


I'm only doing this because everybody is freaked out in HK.  Many years ago, when all the good managers fled the old company, there was the chance I could do a seismic study for HK.  I was ecstatic, and started looking up all the basics.  It fell through and that's why I now have a pension.  Still, I found that HK is on a solid piece of rock, and most of the buildings have solid foundations.  But no matter how much rock it is still subject to at least an M6 at the 1 in 500, and I never could look for areas of swamp.  I'm sure they are there.

Update:  Thinking more on this, you realize that HK is the most laissez-faire gov't in the world, and they don't give a hoot about earthquake planning.  Some was being done by the universities.  Basically, dear HK-ers, if you freaked out about this earthquake, you are on swamp, and as good as Christchurch or Toronto.

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