Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darlington crosses out cooling towers

Why am I sucked into these meaningless hearings?  Still, there are entertaining tidbits.  I'm following it on Google Reatime (Twitter), since all that webcast stuff doesn't work for Linux.  Now, the latest is that they say there isn't enough room on the site for cooling.  Heck, there isn't enough room on that site for anything!  (I didn't say that).

Of course, the greenies call them 'environmentally friendly' cooling towers.  They are not for our climate.  The ice fog would kill every bird, and everybody on the 401.  Cold climates can live with lake discharge, since most of the warm water stays on top.  You can't tell of any environmental damage from the other nuclear plants because of all the invasive species!  The concept of 'damaging' the lake with slight heat is ridiculous.

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Harold Asmis said...

Whoops, just figured out why they want to get out of the fisheries act, too.