Friday, October 31, 2008

Bruce Power Makes a Push for Nanticoke

Continuing on it's theme to pick the worst possible sites for nuclear power, the Bruce Mob has openly declared "We're Going for Broke on Nanticoke". Squooshed between two major seismic zones, and firmly on top of a megathrust, at least the Nanticoke site has been studied, and seismically monitored for 10 years.

As usual, the question is always "Where are they getting their money?", since Ontario is sinking its tax pennies into Darlington. But the BM has a hook into pension money, run by little old ladies, and should do well.

ps. Here is the official announcement, at 1.00 pm Friday. The rate they're going, they should get this Env. Ass. done, as well as Bruce C, and the Deep Sucker, before Darlington B.


Port Dover resident said...

Hi there - I am interested in learning more about the probability of earth quakes near Nanticoke. Are you saying that the area is susceptible?

Harold Asmis said...

You can search on my site for 'faults' and 'megathrust'. Nanticoke is right between the Cleveland active zone, and the Hamilton active zone. Either of these two could extend in that direction. As well, the bedrock will not be that great.

For your own life, if your house is not on a jiggly swamp, and you break your back sinking fence posts, you are perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

i live in nanticoke and in no way support nor wish to here any more about nuke plants in nanticoke . also we resedents are furious that our politicions keep telling the world that we are all for it. nobody is supporting this project except the political cronnies.