Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sucked into the vortex

I just got my first hints that they want to bring me back into the fold, and it's given me a major anxiety attack. As usual, I discuss my upsets here, where nobody reads them anyway!

I think if I ever got sucked in, it would have to be a major role, not a few hours that they are talking about now. I would like to go to conferences again, dole out contracts, and have an expense account. Of course, they aren't talking that big now.

This is for Darlington, which is a fine site for one unit, and has nothing really wrong with it, if we can control the blasting. Of course, if they did turn on the money taps, I would give up on all this fun with my blog! I'm now open to rival offers to keep me 'open'!

Anyway, I think most of the money is going to big US consultants who produce giant books that you can't lift. I wonder how I would fit in. As well, the site evaluation process calls for total academic secrecy until the hearings, which turns off all my university buddies. So, the final point is that I am probably 'on the air' for a while yet.

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