Thursday, October 27, 2016

NERF Rival Khaos Mxvi-4000 Blaster Red Overclocked

This was absolutely hilarious to do, and we didn't melt the gun, it's as weak as ever.

ps.  I'm quite convinced we were sent a secret prototype by mistake.  The soldering inside was so big, and components so heavy, that it was really meant for 12V.  It drained the friggin' car battery and stopped!  Not a speck of heat.  I hooked up a Lithium ion car jump starter and it immediately complained of an overdraw.  My poor spare car battery is going to take days to charge up.  This was obviously meant to fight aliens.  :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quality and the NERF Rival Khaos Mxvi-4000 Blaster Red

This is the gun that 'Failure to Launch' 27 year old males have wet dreams for.  It launches foam golf balls at 30 m/s. They can knock out an eye.  The mechanism is a physicist's dream.  I won some sort of lottery that lets me review these things, but this one came DOA.  My 27 year old baby was devastated.  He wants revenge and this is it.  We took it apart, since someone said a simple soldering job was required.

Solder all good, but with a hairball job that makes me look good.  No voltage getting to the motors, so the power supply is fried.  You put in the magazine, and a conveyor belt feeds the balls to a standard double wheel baseball-type shooter.  And get this, it drags the top, with grooves in the barrels so it gets a bottom-spin that provides a flat trajectory.  Neat!  The designer was a genius.  Now, that's physics!

ps. and all ammie support on this is run by machines.  Not your advanced AI neural circuit machines, good old steampunk clockwork machines like on 2001.  "I can see that you're upset, Dave, I'll just turn off your life support."

pps.  went through it all.  The motors were sticky, had to be hand-cranked.  They obviously don't test.

pps.  Big Baby went nuts when he came home late last night.  Shot all over the place, gloated to his friends.  Dog hid in a corner.  Do not buy this as a Christmas gift!

pps+  with the standard batteries, it is whimpy.  I hooked up a car battery, and died laughing.  The thing practically put a hole in the wall, and 10 rounds per second!  I'll do a video.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Atlantic El Nino


It's proper name is The Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation.  If you properly massage the data, it looks like this.

This graph implies that poor old hopeless Europe is about to enter a cold period, like that 70's show.  However, as with all the wiggle-watcher products, this comes after you remove the general ocean warming.

So far, as with gorming, you don't have any physics here.  They take the Atlantic sea surface temperatures (SST), and subtract the Global SST, which you can see is quite heavy on the warm side, and come up with their signal.  This is all binomial chaotic oscillation and when you see a 'regular' up and down oscillation, you know that a big excursion, about 3 times the average, can come zooming in.  We've had this warm (gorming), and may now have it cold.

Lucky for all of us, I can see some physics in these oscillations.  That comes comes from a recent product that shows us the current ocean currents.  :)

This is the map that showed us the monster El Nino that missed California, which relies on a regular 7 year cycle.  But binomial theorem hit them square in the Sponge Bob pants.  Now for the Atlantic.  A good Gulf Stream relies on the equatorial current sliding up that perfect ramp of South America and filling the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico with hot water.  That is not happening now, the current is doubling back on itself and forming a small circle.  The Gulf Stream is still hobbling along on residual warmth, but is now doing funny things.

This might not bother pathetic Europe (I'm Canadian!) very much.  At best, they might get some relief from gorming.  At worst, it gives them bad weather and all the cows in Stupid Wallonia freeze.  Looks like the cold could travel the Earth and give us a 70's decade when I use to go winter camping at 40 below.    Who knows, because the North Pacific Current is also dead.  If everything acts together as binomial theorem predicts, we could get a mini-ice age, but I'm not hoping for that, even though that would end The Myth of Gorming, and maybe usher in a new era of physics.  However, I would end up gloating with an icicle hanging from my nose.  :)