Friday, September 29, 2017

Cleared out G+

I write a lot, and I've cleared out all my g+ stuff.  My followers are now back to zero.  The blog will always exist, for people to go back to check my predictions.  Right now, I can't see any reason to write.  In about a year check the following:

Toronto housing will have gone down more than 30%.  The condo cartel will be broken and rents will be down 30%.  The general Toronto economy will have taken a hit, so people won't be happy that they can buy houses again.

Global temperatures will have fallen through any band the warmies projected.  Bad physics always strikes back.

The cold will raise natgas prices, bringing back Oklahoma earthquakes.

The polar vortex (both poles) will bring back the crazy ozoners.

Ditching global warming, the nuts will go after plastics in the ocean.

Not any great happiness in these hypotheses.  I'm tired of being the gloomy gus.

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