Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cottage Report Aug 6

The kids went home after the long weekend and the old folks stayed up for the week.  Hot, hot, hot, and it was a bitch to fall asleep under the ceiling fan while sweating to death.  On Friday, the wind picked up and I could see storms headed our way.  Had to go into full tornado alert.  A few years a tornado zoomed over the lake and straight for us, but our steep topography lifted it.  These storms were coming in from the SW where I have a lot of tree shelter.

Once everything was tied down, it started to rain slightly.  It's sweltering hot inside the tin shack, so I had all the windows and the front door open.  I was prepared with a mop for a little rain to get inside.  Suddenly, big cracks of thunder, the dog swooshed under the bed, and there was absolutely horizontal rain in a deluge hitting our front.  I had to whip outside to close the door and then go for the windows.  Water got into everything.  Lucky for us, it only lasted a minute (if that), and the only damage was a knocked-over patio chair.


But the important thing was that we got 2 inches of rain, where most people are still dry.  This may save my plants.  

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