Monday, August 16, 2010

Epitaph for a Movie Career

I might as well tell the whole story of my shattered movie career.

I never got a penny out of this, except for a coffee. I must say that I loved these people, with all their creative juices, and would always do it again. I got really bubbly as well, and had to bash myself down with a stick!

It all starts with a live volcano, home to the movie stars. There are thousands of these things, and people all live up the slopes. The soil is fertile, and the view is spectacular. Obviously, there is one little disadvantage, and that is the predilection for blowing up and killing everybody!

But wait! Modern volcanology will save you! It is populated by extremely wise men who are treated like gods on TV. They can tell you exactly when it will blow up, and you can zoom away on your luxury yacht, without a care in the world.

Volcanologist Supreme

Now, I see this as a plumbing and rock mechanics problem, using any old fluid. They see it totally from the fluid point of view (magma). Everything else is just dressing.

So, I love the problem of the 'Rising Volcano'. That's when one of these volcanoes decides to get active, and you eventually have the problem of when to evacuate the movie stars, without getting them pissed off by going too early. The deep rock starts to inflate with new magma. The area starts to swell, and tiltmeters register the change. There are deep seismic signals, and volcanic tremor may be recorded. Some volcanoes never go the next step, so you can't press the panic button yet....

(to be continued).

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