Friday, December 14, 2007

Badsiting - 2

Those people have nailed another notice to my door. Damn, I wish they'd learn to use tape!


We go one up on the Big Guys!

For immediate nailing

Badsiting Inc. continues it's efforts to find the worst sites in Ontario, for big nasty things such as nuclear research reactors. It's a constant struggle to compete with the Big Guys, since they have infinitely more money under the table.

Originally, Badsiting Inc. was going for a Hamilton site....

But now, with the Face of Harper beaming down on Ottawa, there's more money there.

First, why is the Ottawa Valley so interesting? It's an amazing fact, that in the last Nuclear Fiasco, nobody thought there are any earthquakes there. In fact, many comments were along the line of "We haven't heard of any incidents there for 50 years, so it's good for another 50 years". In fact, all the bitching that Geofish guy does about earthquakes in Southern Ontario, is a waste of breath compare to Ottawa. Here is a seismicity map...

Ha! Look at the red dots! One might argue that all the red dots are over in Quebec, and nobody gives a damn, but boundaries are very significant. In our next release, we opine on how the Ottawa Valley is one of the most significant seismic features in Eastern North America, even though nobody remembers an earthquake there.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information.

I sense that you are a little "worked up" (massive understatement) about the way nuclear power decisions are made in our fair dominion.

If you would be so kind as to post some links to more background information on nuclear power in Canada ( the good , the bad & the ugly etc ) I for one would be grateful.

If there is a links page and I have overlooked it my apologies.

Otherwise carry on and give em hell because as they say on South Park "There's someting pretty fubeeped up here'.

Harold Asmis said...

Actually, I've been researching what the heck a research reactor is, and will be coming out with it shortly. Thank you, I live for comments!