Saturday, September 16, 2017

Toronto Wolfie-Coyotes Interbreed with Nasty Dogs

While I was away, our wild dog problem has intensified in the neighbourhood.  It used to be that we had cute small coyotes.  Our big dogs would chase them to keep them in line.  They cleaned out the rats and were welcome.  If you complained, you were shunted to an extreme leftie who defended them.

Not any more.  They are huge and have no fear of humans.  My 50 pound cattle dog went after them by the creek.  She yelped and tore out there when she ran into two 100 pound monsters.  They just managed to swipe her bum (vet bills!), and then came out of the bush after my daughter.  She ran like hell, and was contemplating releasing the dog and screaming, since this was right beside houses.

Dogs are no longer enough.  These guys have been spotted strolling down the roads like they own the place.  I don't mind that they've eaten all the cats and small yappy dogs, but I love big dogs.  :)

The city will defend this to their last breath, because it's cheaper.  But these wild monster dogs are getting bolder and bolder.  It's like having garbage-dump bears wandering around.  They'll snatch large dogs on the leash.  The city will wait until a human is attacked, like the whole pit-bull thing.  Then they'll have to shoot a few to keep them in line.

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