Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kansas slays its earthquakes.

There was quite a nice series of earthquakes in northern Kansas.  It was progressing like Azle, and going down in a SE direction.  All of a sudden it stopped, dead.  Not a single teeny quake.  Not one question asked by anyone.  But it is sad.  Kansas is now part of the great conspiracy.  It's that suddenly replacing deep water with fresh water frack waste caused the series of earthquakes.  Not injecting that stuff any more, resulted in a sudden stop.

Nobody in Kansas can discover the truth.  Their news media is dead.  I am hoping that when OK finally does its thing, then people will speak.  In OK right now, we are still at the intense rate of 2 m4's a day.  The last one was a shallow thrust with intensity 5.  We need an m6 shallow thrust to give an idea of what these things can do.

Kansas could be a great place to inject frack waste, if only they would pay me money.  :)  But, they tried and failed.

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