Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why I love Donald Trump


Every election, the US re-enacts the Civil War.  This time, the right wing won, and it is better than just leaving them in the sidelines.  Now they can totally screw up, and leave everybody alone for the next cycle.

What this article doesn't realize is that conspiracy theories and fake news, are the only tools of the powerless to get into power.  All these people are power-mad, left and right.  Now that they are in power, anything they say will lead to mass shootings, or trillion dollar losses on the stock market.  They'll see power slipping away and will correct themselves.

With the Bush-league, the greatest nutty conspiracy theory was 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'.  Even I and the Economist believed that one.  And the lefties have 'Global Warming' which is just the same.  All of them lead to power and riches.

This is the normal cycle of the world.  Everybody should stop worrying for a week and have a nice Solstice Holiday.  (I think the Peaceful Muslims made the biggest mistake of their lives going after Christmas, and it led to Trump.  I hope they realize that and issue a new statement)

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