Monday, December 12, 2016

Putinistas in Ontario

In Political Science, the political spectrum is represented by a big circle.

I'm not allowed to say the old word that used be on the bottom so we replace it with the New Nastis.  At the bottom everything is the same because it is only sustained by Totalitarianism, which is a long word, and best replaced by Putinism.

It's funny thing that all organizations are sliding down the circle.  I  blame it on social media, nobody can withstand the stupidity of FB, and so they slide.  The first thing they all do is put in an opaque PR department.  Everybody does this now.  My old company had a massive slide almost all the way down.  I used to call it Stalinism, but now we know what it is.

People just let it go by believing in fake news, and not caring if all they see is a bland face of PR.  We know who pioneered propaganda techniques and the Big Lie.

But there are long-term consequences.  For government, it is a shattered economy as everybody flees high taxes and power rates.  For a company, it is credibility when something goes wrong.  Also, things will go wrong more often as they boot out the intellectuals and replace everybody with bots, human or otherwise.

Everything shatters at the bottom, so the circle is self-correcting.  Might not be in my lifetime.  :)

ps.  Putin is now going for genocide.  Trumpypants can only be a wannabe next to him.  The original had several wannabes.

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