Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Linux - Setting up a dynamic dns

Say you're a new Secretary of State and you want to set up your own personal email server in your house, like every other predecessor.  You want to be secure from your Putinist friends, but you are a cheap bastard.  Then you need dynamic dns.  This gets around the fact that your local phone company will force you to pay through the nose for a fixed IP address.  That's when you get an IP address for your very own so you can set up your own domain, like altrightsec.com.  You need that for a mail server.  Because, honestly, who trusts the government with their black helicopters?

Just get the cheapo service where they randomly switch the ip address on you.  Then a fancy openwrt router approved by moscowsnowy himself, where you can run a client.  That checks every 5 seconds what ip address you currently have and sends it to dynamic ip host.

I'm going with duckdns because they are supported by openwrt and linux.  Also, they have a g+ community and everything.  I finally convinced some relatives to ditch ms, and I'll be supporting them remotely.  All the servers will be Linux.  I haven't decided on the tv box.  Those cheapie Android boxes can never be updated.  Maybe a chromebox supporting android.  Who knows?  Chromecast?

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