Thursday, August 11, 2016

Get on with normalizing Cannabis


In the US, senators are leaning on the DEA to produce more cannabis for research, but no research can be done as long as it is scheduled as a Class I drug, on par with elephant tranquilizer.  We are facing the same thing in Canada.  They give with one hand and take away with another.

Right now, they are tied up with 'fear factors', namely that its release will kill more people in accidents than texting.  I don't think so.  Responsible people will know their limits, irresponsible people will veer all over the road.  I've caught a lot of them on my dashcam, and everybody should get one.

I will go on the record as a pro-cannabis person for old people.  I'm mainly for high CBD oil, which has huge benefits, and is better than drinking.  We old people don't need THC, since we've been on the floor lots of times, and who needs it?

I want to galvanize the old people for this.  Everybody should grow it in their window boxes.  You can keep trimming the buds to keep it small.  Radical old people should get themselves arrested.  Pictures of 90 year old ladies will do something.  This stuff is a medical marvel, clears your brain, and stops bone problems.  If Rob Ford had just gone with this, and dumped the crack and ethanol, he'd still be embarrassing us today.  :)

Plant it in your garden, be active.  The oil really stinks and tastes like cigarette ashes so just pretend it's the old cod-liver oil of your youth.  :)  I couldn't feed the brownies to anybody.

Do it for Rob!

ps.  it's a constitutional test to deny it to all old people if it stops degenerative diseases.  It would win in any court, but I'm not rich enough for that.  We need some old retired lawyers.  :)

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