Saturday, January 16, 2016

Things get hot in Oklahoma about earthquakes


Nobody is going to step into this mess now.  Anybody who admits studying any of this will be subpoenaed again and again and crucified in court.  Even Austin will forget anything he knew!  The busgus will run, saying they only monitored earthquakes because OK got out of it.  Those commenters  that the newspapers use will say they were just talking off the top of their heads, and didn't study it.

That just leaves me, and I am safe behind Trump's giant Ice Curtain.  I'm wearing his t-shirt.

He'll make sure that nobody does any science ever again!  The whole place will be like OK, wallowing in self-produced ignorance.  This is good for Canadian lumber exports when they have to rebuild the entire Mid-west.  :)

ps.  Dear Carnivorous Lawyers.  In a Federal case, I think it will be easiest to sue usgs.  You can just list the things they failed to do, by international standards.  They, in turn, will sue Congress for lack of funds.  :)

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