Monday, January 11, 2016

The glorious world of Google Plus collections

My 'Earthquakes' collection has become so huge that people think it's a public thing, like the old Usenet Earthquakes group, or something on Facebook.  All those groups died an ugly death, buried under porn spam and robo-trolls.  The solution for this was classic 'Moderation' which always meant the death of a group, since the moderators were slow and fickle.  Nobody could respond with any spontaneity or wit.

When Wikipedia started up, I wrote up all the earthquake and geology definitions.  Then it got filled with heavy-handed editors that killed everything.  Now, the articles are factory-produced by rote-loving college students using references that nobody can get.  It is boringly average.

A g+ collection has the advantage of being a total fiefdom.  If somebody is a pain, you don't have to constantly moderate out their inane ramblings, but you can totally kill them.  Since everybody uses an assumed name, that's automatically 2 strikes, and Google turfs them out.  Sure, they can come back under another phony name, but they're fighting Mr. Google now.  I know that's a tough thing. :(

 As the collection gets bigger and bigger, I'm swatting flies like crazy.  I'm sure it will get to the point where the losers start calling their politicians, mail bombs, or sue me or something.  Then I'll just close the whole thing.  At least it will be a quick death.

Such a glorious world!

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