Sunday, May 10, 2015

Darlington gets ready for new nuclear

I was amazed when I drove by the old place.  When I worked there I called it 'Lobotomy Central' only because everybody was so peaceful and happy.  It doesn't mean anything else, really.

So they're taking down Fred's Pile, which is the huge mound of dirt.  I suppose all that dirt can go to feed the 407.  And they are replacing the our original dinky bridge with a new super monster bridge.  We got away with a dinky bridge because they shipped in all the heavy parts by barge.  Can't really do that any more.

Taking away the dirt gives them a lot more room for a lay-down area for the new plant.  I sure hope they've gone for the Westinghouse.  There's some hope for getting them to work, albeit at twice the price (if we're lucky).

They better order the new stuff right away before we all find out what a horrible disaster the refurb will be.  Oh well, it's just money.  :)

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