Sunday, June 16, 2013

June at the cottage

So far we experiencing a regression in warming of about 10 years.  This June is cold and wet.  We went up Thursday, and were lucky to have 2 days of sun before the next big rain.  Quite cold at night.  We have 2 bird nests near the cottage, and they seem to be progressing quite well, since there are a lot of bugs.  The dragonfly contingent is huge and wipes out all the mosquitoes during the day.  We had the sauna heating and I took my 1 second dips, and I swear the water is getting colder!

A very small earthquake knocked out Mexico City power on the weekend.  We only get a dribble of Internet at the cottage, so I couldn't respond.  I would only say something nasty like they can't take much.  :)

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