Saturday, June 30, 2012

Elliot Lake gives a glimpse of the future


About 40 hours later, Mr. Green — along with six team members — pulled into the small Northern Ontario town in a specially outfitted fire truck, hauling a trailer packed with lifts, supports, concrete-cutting chainsaws, liquid nitrogen, concrete-cracking explosives and thermite charges.

Barred at the tape because the place was unstable.  That would, of course, apply to any structure that has collapsed from an earthquake.  You will have noticed the sad pattern around the world that all these super-disasters are the 1 in 500 earthquake.  At that level, all the locals go "La La La The big bad wolf can't get us!", and totally ignore the threat.  Shouldn't there be the tiniest bit of action on this?

People wonder how I can tell the future.  It's a simple extrapolation from the past, using human nature.  The GTA earthquake will be an M6+ under the lake.  Is this the 1:500 or is it an M6.5+?  Unlike Oklahoma, the 'Hammer Zone" will be under a dense population on swamp.  Anything that has been "Design Build", under the thumb of the owner, will go --  just like Elliot Lake.  At that point, I hope these crews aren't banned.

Whew - that was bad Karma! (Too Stupid to Live Stuff)  Breathe! I cast out this note and burn it!  I'm stuck at home because the daughter is flying in today.  blah.

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