Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Canada Emergency Preparedness Week


Ok, let's move beyond the usual stuff on this web site.  As we know, except for Vancouver, nobody does anything about the earthquake hazard around here.  Toronto follows a full fractal pattern up to M7, and an M6 is not horribly remote.  We know the odds exactly.

Here are my tips.

Check your foundation.  If you are on the Beaches, High Park, lower Hamilton, then get earthquake insurance.  You can usually tell by looking for settlement damage, or if you felt recent distant earthquakes strongly.  This means you are on on soft ground which can amplify the PGV by a factor of ten.

If you are on a swamp like above, then take your chimney down, or get it fixed.  I've seen so many chimneys without a speck of mortar.  Make sure all your shelves are secured to the wall.  Actually, that goes for everybody, since we only need a few cm/s to knock down shelves.

People in the big condos should pray.  :)  There will be no power for a week, and some condos will tilt.  Nobody will get killed.  In fact, the whole earthquake scenario is solely one of economic damage, which could be solved with lots of insurance.

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