Friday, April 27, 2012

Christchurch recovery remains hopeless


More or less.  They've been gabbing forever, and every time they flap their lips, it comes out 10 times more expensive.  I think it's somewhat like New Orleans, where it keeps sinking, and they are helpless if another hurricane hits.  Christchurch is the same with earthquakes.

So far, everybody has followed the rule of 'Take the money and run', which is perfectly reasonable.  Obviously the gov't is pissed off, since they want to make all this money back in future taxes.  So now it's Catch-22, with the gov't saying they won't give money until the economy picks up,.... and you know the rest.

Really, you can't build on soup in earthquake country.  Even if you put your new hotel on piles, you've got all the roads, sewers, water, etc., that will be souped out in an earthquake.

Like I said before, they need a new city designed for soup.  Everything on piles, and all services in tunnels on piles, with the roads on top of that.  When the next earthquake hits, just fill in the sunken ground.  Had they done this, I think it would have been going faster, for less cost.

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