Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Geophysics Breaks the 3D Barrier


USSI's state of the art fiber optic geophone system is designed to finally provide the industry with the needed tools to make the transition from 3D seismic to 4D seismic monitoring feasible, which is expected to greatly increase recoveries from existing oilfields.

Yes, people, we no longer have to confine our seismic imaging to a mere 3 dimensions. We have gone to 4 dimensions! I know that was a struggle in your math class to grip the concept of n-space multiple dimensions, but these guys have done it! So, we need a name for the new axis! x,y, and z are taken, how about 'silly'? As we move along the silly axis, we see all sorts of new things.

This will be good for the economy. We have to invent a whole new set of 4D computer monitors. 4D glasses will be cute! And we'll have to launch a completely new set of 4D GPS satellites, but first we have to wait for a rocket motor that can shoot off perpendicular to existing 3D, and enter the silly axis.


Ld Elon said...

Your an idiot, 4d represents the view point of all axis, being the overlord or ruler of the mathmatical 3dimensional existance.
In other words, it turns everything opaque, or for one so limited as your self 'seethough'
Its good the princible is understood.

Harold Asmis said...

I stand corrected.