Monday, January 23, 2017

Gulf Stream Abandons Europe

All during the winter the Gulf Stream has been weird.  Normally (since maps have been available to me), a strong equatorial current shoves warm water up South America and causes the gs to bathe Europe in warm water.  This is then interpreted as global warming (gorming).  But that pattern has been disrupted many times this past year.

Now the gs is funnelling up to the Arctic, causing lots of clouds and warmer than usual temperatures (only -20 C).

The red arrow is all the heat.  This causes Spain to freeze and the wolves to come down for snacks.  :)

Meanwhile, in Canada, the failed North Pacific current allows California to get drenched, and we (Toronto) are having a warm, wet January.  I just hope the raspberries don't start sprouting.  That always kills them.

The warmists will just point out a warm Arctic.  They are philosophers who always pick out what supports them.  :)  Never argue with them.

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