Monday, August 17, 2015

Minor earthquake stupidities

I'm finished with my big list.  These are stupidities that could easily be fixed, and will be fixed only after the next big earthquake.  For now we stuck with them.  I write all this in the hope that it might help a bright young thing sometime down the road.  One day he (she) will be sitting in response spectra class and will want to scream "THIS IS SO STUPID!".  But he better not and listen to the professor if he wants to pass.  For that guy has tenure and will still be lecturing when the student is dead and gone, since they will just animate his corpse.  :)

That is the rate of progress in this field, and we need a big earthquake in Boston or New York to shock us out of our complacency.  Till then, have fun.  :)

ps.  I forgot the title again.  There are so many minor stupidities that they slip by me.  Oh well.

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