Wednesday, April 8, 2015

M4.3 Oklahoma earthquake

This looks like a mid-depth thrust.  It won't stay at 4.3 very long, if that recent 5 called 4.2 is any indication.  We'll have to wait for an hour before I can look at the Polaris results.

(this will be continued for a while)

So, it's coming in fairly heavy for the southern Polaris sites, but I haven't got the cleaner northern ones.

The felt zone is now reporting Intensity 5.

It will be very difficult to knock this one down.

The northern sites have it looking closer to the 5 than a known 4.  It must have been deeper than I thought.

Update:  Huge felt variation in the city.  Listen people, if you felt this as an Intensity 4, get earthquake insurance!  Far stations were picking it up as a 4.8, which agrees with Polaris, and it means that it is deep.

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