Saturday, February 21, 2015

Toronto: Wolves at the Door

For two months we've experienced the new Ice Age, or Siberia.  Now, on the dog walk, we met a trio of very nice coyote wolves.  The first two were magnificent, and I saw them from a distance.  Silver grey, and shaped like a greyhound or Doberman, I thought they were friendly dogs.  Roxie didn't like them and gave a spirited defence.  They just wanted to move down the valley and the dog was holding the pass.

Some neighbours on the valley came out in alarm.  They didn't want Roxie to play with the nice doggies.  They see them all the time, and think they took a fawn last fall.  They have certainly done a job on the valley squirrels, and there are no foxes.

On the way back we ran into the third cw, which was a little mangy thing, and the dog chased it.  Roxie also found what we think is the den, so we should have little cw's all over the place.

The mangy one.  All the local foxes and cw's eventually get the mange around here.

Update:  We're totally invaded by these cute little things.  The girls went down to the big river with the dog, and saw a lot more.  I can't wait for a real wolf pack to come down the river, and wipe these skinny guys out.  Such is life in a frozen fairy tale.

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