Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oklahoma Earthquake Couplet

If there is anything that is totally diagnostic of fluid flow earthquakes, it's the occurrence of a couplet.

That's two identical earthquakes.  Now, you would actually have to look at the seismograms, but that's the job of the bUS-GuS.  I was trying to think of a cute name for them after the twerky lady sang the famous song.  It's better than key-lee.  :)

The 'b' stands for 'big', as in Big Ugly Bureaucracy (bub).  You should have seen how hard I was on Nasa, one of the worst bubs.  But they reformed because they were killing people.  In fact, that's the only way a bub can ever reform itself, when it actually starts to kill people.

Bus-gus can never reform.  Too bad.

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