Thursday, December 25, 2014

Year-End Summary of Eastern Earthquakes - Part 1

Here I am, sitting all alone on Christmas Day, very early, waiting for everybody to wake up.  The earthquakes in ENA have always been a mystery, mainly because very little effort was put into studying them.  Over the 30-40 years I've been looking at this, Eastern North America (ENA) was the poor cousin to California.  Even in Canada, all the effort was on the giant Quebec City zone, and 30 years ago nobody looked at Toronto and such.

I managed to change that in Canada, at least.  We were looking at new nuclear plants, and I couldn't live with this lack of interest.  It allowed wild theories to come up and take over the media (yes, they were interested in this at one time when they had money).  They were making up 'magnetic lineaments' and we had the famous 'Fault Under Pickering'.  So, to my great satisfaction, I drank from the firehose of wasted company money and extracted a small percentage for seismic studies.  When put outside for the academic community, this was a huge Christmas package.

I always partnered with notable academics and had no control over the output.  The only influence I had was to direct the studies, since somebody had to do it.  Dealing with academics is like herding cats.  I didn't do any of these 'bespoke studies' as consultant reports, as was done with the Bruce Black Hole.  For this type of study a famous consultant once told us "Tell me what you want to hear, and I'll see if I can live with it.".  

I engineered the seismic monitoring to be unstoppable and totally open.  Nobody can hide inconvenient earthquakes, and we did the best monitoring in ENA.  With all the other studies, I was not so lucky, since we got poleaxed by the NDP election, and all such records were slated to be destroyed.  I hid them in my desk and eventually could get them back into official records where they could be lost forever.  A portion of the studies made it out to papers securely hidden behind the 'paywall' where the Bruce Thing could safely ignored them.

These were all the geophysics studies we made before we were shut down.  They went into vast government archives, but we all know what happened to that under Harper.  These studies told me everything I wanted to know about the mechanism of eastern earthquakes.  All the scientists involved were muzzled by having no Harper money, and went into retirement.  They are all running their farms.

These marvellous studies clearly showed the role of Precambrian megathrusts, and the massive earthquake activity around Toronto.  The seismic monitoring showed the importance of fresh water seeping into the faults.  We flew a magnetic study so detailed, it showed all the individual farmer transformers, and shipwrecks in Lake Ontario.  Nobody has ever duplicated that anywhere.

-whoops, people are waking up, good-bye.

Addition - There are 7 parts.  I've put all together on the Geofish Clarified site.

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