Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cottage Hot, Hot, Hot

Wooo, that was some weather this weekend!  The water in the lake is actually warm!  So hot at night that you lie in a puddle of sweat and try to feel the ceiling fan.  We haven't had heat like that for years!  I'm glad those Chinese have stopped cooling the world with their sulfur, they must have totally gone to solar power.  :)

The fishing was great from the dock.  I caught lots of those invasive rock bass, but quite a few young large mouth, which give a tremendous fight with a light drag.  I always put those back.

If you want some fun, read the (miss) adventures of my son in China.


Harold Asmis said...

ps. they have Corona cans in the Costco at Montreal!! I'm in heaven at the cottage! I use Coors light like water, but the Corona is a beer! And the extra wide opening still allows you to jam in some lime!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that we're still getting over 3000 MW from the coal stations that were supposed to be shut down by now and almost nothing from the wondrous pinwheels - as low as 19 MW earlier today.