Thursday, April 7, 2011

Southern Ontario Seismic Network - 20 Years!


This is a happy story about the Ontario nuclear industry.  Without their money, all the seismicity of southern Ontario would have been shoved aside, in favour of the big boys on the west and east coasts.  They even put in some borehole seismometers for the Bruce Thing, although nobody has heard since about them.

But I think it's getting a bit raggy now.  I see they still are recording earthquakes, but nobody has been plotting maps since 2009!  Are they being starved with this general apathy about earthquakes?  I pray this isn't the case, since recording earthquakes is the bare minimum for new nuclear.

Anyway, I call it a 20 year anniversary, since it was 1991 when we finally settled in with the first group of decent seismometers.  It was then that we discovered that the majority of earthquakes loved to be underwater.  Why?  The locations of historical earthquakes were all plotted along the shore, since that was where the people lived.  That was our first major discovery.

Now, without nice maps, we can't look at the Hamilton fault with more detail.  I think that makes most people in Ontario happy.....

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