Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wind Power Dead in Ontario


McGuinty pushed for the wind-farm projects, arguing it could be both an alternative as Ontario starts to phase out its coal-burning plants, and as a way of pushing further toward a green-based economy.
In the Spring of 2010, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives called for a moratorium on the find-farm projects until an independent study on the environmental and health effects of the farms could be completed.
On Friday, the Ontario Liberals quietly mothballed the project, citing insufficient evidence on how they could effect people’s health.

This is the price for ignoring basic physics.  I think this one will cost Ontario 7 billion, which is more than the Niagara Tunnel 4 billion.  Will they also bury this in the old Ontario Hydro debt?

Speaking of that debt, there was this blogging guy who was looking into it.  He has since disappeared.  If anybody actually read my stuff, I'd be worried!

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