Friday, December 11, 2009

Alberta and Nuclear Power


Albertans will finally find out next month whether their energy-rich province will kick-start Canada's so-called nuclear renaissance.

Ha! They are waiting to give approval to a wild dream. There is no way that bankrupt Alberta can go ahead with a nuclear station in the middle of nowhere, even if it does make the oil sands less dirty. People may have to realize that our constant problem with nuclear has been to find the talent. For the 40-50's we robbed Europe. For the 70's we robbed India, and in the 80's we sucked out China (they've all gone back!). Now, even if we can get drunken Russians (or Romanians), they are not going to Alberta!

Even now, it is absolutely hideous to work at OPG's Factory Engineering buildings. Only the truly dying will go there. And Chalk River, the Seismic Death Trap? They're all just the living dead. :)

Now, if we want a nuclear business, we should gather our pennies, and put a billion or two in a giant research facility, right by the Toyota factory (or Port Hope). Put in some high-speed trains to Toronto and Montreal, so people don't feel desolate. Let a thousand intellects bloom!

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