Thursday, November 27, 2008

Non-Seismic Garage Collapse


I'm not saying too much, for fear that the inhabitants of that city (which I will not name, for fear of search engines), will tear into me, with their usual nastiness.

Now, there has been recent scientific work showing that if an area is strewn with litter and graffiti, then it induces a bad attitude. In this city, cracked and disintegrating concrete is everywhere! I never look at the bridges! This leads to a big yawn whenever they see bigger cracks, or progressive failure.

Now, they may be blissfully unaware, but they are in one big seismic zone, that makes our Ontario zones look like mild cheese. What happens to all this concrete when it happens? I sure hope I'm not on a booze run at that time.

Story on Concrete Contempt

Heard this in a hallway. Seems when they were refurbishing a nuclear plant, the first ready-mix concrete truck rolled up to the gate and was stopped, because it might have a liquid concrete bomb. It was stopped for hours! When they finally let it through, they still poured! Eventually, they had to demolish and restart. In my day, we would have had concrete people who would have laid down in the form-work to stop the pour!

ps. You have stopped my ad money! I'm going to drift out again.

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