Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ice Pressure Ridges in Lake Erie

I was going to save this as something the nuke-opposition people could spring on the Bruce Mob at their parties, but I don't even think they'll go. I always love a good party, but I can't take the stomach acid of a direct confrontation.


This is a great story! It all started in the early 80's. Then Ontario Hydro had this great idea to export power to the States, by laying in a cable in Lake Erie. The lake is extremely shallow, and it would be easy just to throw down a cable. No?

The cable was planned to start from Nanticoke, right beside a certain ill-thought-out nuclear site.

Whoops, have to go for lunch! Deposit more in my Christmas bucket if you want to hear more.


Anonymous said...

We will be going to teh Community Information Sessions. As I understand it, any questions from teh public, as well as answers supplied, become part of the official record of the EA. We'll be there asking as many tough questions as we can. Already, the public spokesmen are giving info that is at odds with Bruce's Fact Sheets. We'll be looking for their answers and making sure they know we're writing down what they say.

I might even eat some of their food.

As I'm sure you know, we're just a bunch of yokels and don't have the sort of expertise of a person like yourself. What is the problem with these ice ridges as they pertain to the ill-thought out nuclear plant?

What sort of ice-related question would an interested citizen pose to the experts on hand at the info sessions?

BTW, you sure you're pro-nuke? ;)


Harold Asmis said...

Yes, I am pro-nuke, but they aren't pro-me! I had thought of this issue as something to drop on them suddenly at the party. Then they would get that 'deer-in-headlight' Lunn look. But, now I think this story will take a while to develop, and I'm short on my wine fund.

At the end of the story, you'll see how it will become a major issue.

Harbles said...

" and I'm short on my wine fund. "

He means click on the adds so that the "shitstem" will send him free money.

What'a country!

Please define example of well thought out nuclear plant location?

Harold Asmis said...

Do you know how many people don't know that I need them to click on the crap ads, if I'm going to write more? Absolutely nobody! Do you think I work for free? If my wine fund doesn't go up, I tend to go into blue funks that can last for days or weeks. I'm going into one now...

I was suddenly thinking that maybe people are suspecting that I'm a John Colbert 'pro-nuke'. That would be hilarious! But I'm not. I can't help it if everything so far has been completely ridiculous and nonsensical.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, I am shutting down again. This past week, with my flurry of writing, I got about 5 cents! I can't survive morally against the Big Alkies like this. What is my purpose in life? Why am I doing this? I'll probably ignore the comments, but I won't shut them down like last time. Once I wiped out a whole blog, but I won't. bye-bye

Harold Asmis said...

Oh yeah, and I just don't want 2 smart people throwing me a fish, like I'm seeing now. I want a broad movement, that tells me most of my audience isn't unbearably dull. When I finally face the Big Alkie at the top, I want to say "This isn't the Bush era anymore! You can't just spin out garbage. You have to be honest, and have intelligent people with blogs."

Harbles said...

Deep breathly!

Your land has been appropriated for a wind farm!

Ok, that's a lie.

See! it could be worse.

I had to go for jury duty last week.