Friday, November 28, 2008

Geoblog Meme: What would you like for your Geology Christmas Present?

I have decided to start one of those Geoblogger Memes that everybody goes ga-ga over.

My Answer:

I would like to be granted the Fellowship of the Royal Smart Ass. This would be lots of money to do what I am doing now. I would be able to buy toys, go to conferences, and actually get papers behind the Pay Wall. As Official Royal Pain, I could go to meetings, eat the cookies, and make fun of people!


Silver Fox said...

Besides the getting paid part, don't you do most of that already? ;)

I think when you get paid, you should also buy toys for the rest of us, too.

Harold Asmis said...

Ah, it's also the 'official' part that is important. That way, when I encounter spitting venom from the Grumpy Drinkers, I can say "I'm just doing my job.".

Silver Fox said...

What I'd like for my Geology Christmas Present is a new 4WD truck or vehicle that gets better mileage. Does that count?